Date updated 10/22/99

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News for Friday

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~Misfits and GWAR with Voodoo Glow Skulls, and Speedealer - Sat., Oct. 23rd at DV8 all Ages.  Tickets are $18.00 at all Seattle Cellophane Square Locations, Singles Going Steady, and Ticket Master. *Doors at 4:30, curfew at 10:00 sharp!* 

~THE SPECIALS: Fri Jan 14, 2000, Fenix , BE THERE!

What about ??

As you all know, RKCNDY is scheduled to close on October 30th.  RKCNDY is currently the last All-Ages venue in Seattle, aside from DV8. A new All-Ages club will be opening in the University District but it will be lighter music and is owned by a Christian Group.

Does this not suck! what the hell?!?! We all know that this is the end of the good ol' punkshows. Got something to say about RCKCNDY? Then post it on the message board!

Looking for Kitsap show info? Want to go to a small kick ass concert? Go to and they will give concert dates, show info, band info and so much more! Tell em i sent ya!

Click here to buy tickets directly from The Fenix Underground!

The Stranger column of the Week

Sat Oct 9/10:00 pm: Tonight, police arrived at the Green Tortoise Hostel in regards to a found property call. The shift manager for the hostel told them a black gym bag had been in the hostel's storage area for over a month, and she was concerned its contents might be dangerous. Wasting no time, the cops looked into the bag and found, beside clothes and poker cards, 42 live 9mm shells, one "metropolitan Sergeant's" badge in a black badge holder, one pair of Smith and Wesson handcuffs, and two address books which included the numbers and address of Deja Vu strip clubs across the country. All of these bizarre items were placed into evidence. .

The Aquabats w/ The Hippos - ALL AGES!! Doors at 3 pm. ($10 advance, tickets at Ticket Master & The Fenix)*

~Sat 13
Buzzcocks w/ Lunachicks, Down By Law & Parasites - ALL AGES!! Doors at 3pm. ($15 advance, tickets at Ticketmaster & The Fenix)* offers the widest selection of name-brand insruments at guaranteed lowest prices. You can purchase over 125,000 different products from their website 24 hours a day. Check it out!


~Coal Chamber, Slipknot, Dope, and Amen - Tues, Nov. 9th at DV8 All-Ages.  Tickets are $18.00 at Ticket Master.  $20.00 day of show.

~Suicidal Tendencies, Suicide Machines, and Special Guests - Sat, Nov. 13th at DV8 All- Ages.  Tickets are $13.00 at all Seattle Cellophane Square Locations, Singles Going Steady, and Ticket Master.  $15.00 day of show.

The Cramps! Tuesday Nov. 2nd at the Showbox. For more info call the showbox up at 628-3151

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